Fnatic Esports, one of the world’s leading esports organizations has bought out Func gaming peripherals to create their own range of gaming products focused on competitive gaming.

“We were truly impressed with the design and attention to detail we saw from the guys at Func and knew we wanted to work with them.  A few talks, and months later, we officially added Func Inc’s team, based out in Sweden, to Fnatic to create Fnatic Gear. “

The company has re-branded a few of the existing Func line-up but has vowed to start designing and developing products from scratch with the launch of an IndieGoGo crowd funding project. If you have the money, you can sign up as a beta tester for any of the upcoming Fnatic gear so you can get your hands on the latest products before anyone else.

You can check out more information of their announcement here as well as the IndieGoGo project.