Microsoft has announced that Forza Motorsport 6: Apex hits open beta next on May 5th for Windows 10 PC.

Since it’s running on Windows 10, Forza 6 Apex will take advantage of DirectX 12 with support of resolutions of up to 4K. There will be 63 cars available with detailed Forzavista features such as full damage, working headlights, doors etc.

The team at Turn 10 Studios have also stated they’re working on features for the PC audience such as V-sync toggle and in-game framerate counter, things that are ‘important’ to the that segment. Things such as wheel support as well performance over various forms of PC hardware. The open beta will be updated as development continues.

You can check out the PC system requirements below and as expected for a DirectX 12 title, Windows 10 is needed.

system requirements-forza6