Thomas Koch

Something a lot of people were looking forward to in 2015 was a Dishonored sequel and Bethesda delivered with Dishonored 2. I’m hoping to see some more open levels coming from this game after I was amazed by the first game’s layout and the sheer number of ways to complete each mission.

Continuing the sequel trend, EA/Bioware really needs to smash Mass Effect Andromeda out of the park and pave the way for a new series going forward. This is probably the riskiest release in a long time from EA and without too much information to go on I’m hoping fans at least get a release date this year.

Finally, looking at new IP’s, For Honor was a smash hit at Ubisoft’s conference in 2015 before fading away into darkness. Hopefully this means good things for the game and I’ll be super excited if we get to see a 2016 release date. We need to see some visceral combat and plenty of epic battles.


Brad Weston

I am incredibly keen to see more from Guerrilla games new title Horizon Zero Dawn, which Sony seem to be banking on as one of the PS4’s main upcoming titles. The unique setting and premise combined with incredible visuals shown at last years E3 instantly sparked interest in many gamers, including myself. From behind the door play tests and several other reports the game appears to be a massive open world styled game, as well as a dynamic day and night/weather cycle, but nothing is set in stone for certain. I would love to see some clarity for the title, especially with its now February release window.

I’m a huge Resident Evil fan, so to say I’m a little excited for Resident Evil 7 is an understatement. Rumors of Capcom’s next Resident Evil game have been trickling through the internet for months now and the rumour wagon is gaining momentum and is on a crash course for E3. As rumours suggest, the game won’t be Resident Evil 7 at all, but a clean reboot of the franchise being worked on by developers attached to Kojima’s P.T.


Speaking about Kojima, whats that old genius been up to? We’ve seen his new studio’s logo, and recently screenshots of the body that accompanies this badass symbol. As reports suggest this game will be a Sony first exclusive with the Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus potentially attached as the protagonist, who missed out on his last chance to work with Kojima on Silent Hill after the Kojima/Konami bungle. I think Sony is foolish if they don’t reveal a small teaser for this game at E3 next week, but don’t expect gameplay or too much revealed, expect a small, cryptic teaser if anything (Which I’d be more than happy with).

Toby Berger

While some games I’m incredibly keen for are already announced to be at E3 this year, I’m specifically excited to see what Respawn are doing with Titanfall 2. I was a massive fan of the first one and I’m holding hope that, like a good sequel, it takes the series in fun new directions – longevity is key, too!

Say what you will, but FIFA 17 using the Frostbite Engine gets me giddy with excitement. For a football fanatic like myself, FIFA has always been the game that has held my interest the most throughout the year following its release. It’s the constant of mine, like League of Legends and DOTA 2 is to many gamers. And my word am I excited to see what FIFA 17 will be bringing to the table, especially after that teaser trailer yesterday.


Finally, and this may just be a bit of a pipe dream, I’m hoping to see Bethesda and MachineGames announce the sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order. What direction could they take it in? Who knows, but what I know is that the Wolfenstein IP deserves more love and I’m adamant MachineGames are working on something special for the fans. I can’t wait for more B.J. Blazkowicz action.

Olivia Harris

Naughty Dog’s Crash Bandicoot seems to be the underlying rumor on everyone’s list this year, with nothing to go on but an executive’s TV shirt last year and the mention in the latest Nathan Drake.

I’m not going to be too surprised if nothing comes of this, remember the Jax and Daxter soft toys in The Last of Us guys.

Forget Final Fantasy XV and remakes we’ve been waiting nearly ten years for the final instalment to the epic Kingdom Hearts trilogy. Every year people tune in to the Square Enix press event and leave disappointed. Last year we were finally able to see some development and confirmation of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Unfortunately there was no release date. This should be the year Square Enix.


Somewhere in the depths of Sony Kojima is working away at his next masterpiece and this may be the first we get to see of it. The mascot of his new production company was released recently, showing a new sci-fi title just might be in the works.

Kojima loves the hype of E3 and has been awaiting to show us what he is working on like a kid with a macaroni artwork. Anything this man makes is fantastic and we cannot wait to see what comes after Solid Snake.

Agus Berry

Titanfall 2 is pretty high up my list of what I want to see more of at E3 2016. The first title was a fast and solid shooter that implemented new grounds for first person shooters. With more room for improvements, I’m keen to see what Respawn Entertainment has been cooking up in their studio and hopefully we see a more engaging universe than before.

Another title I’m hoping to see is the return of the Brothers in Arms series from Ubisoft. It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard anything from this franchise and the last reveal, which was a Gearbox title looked to have flopped hard. It was a great strategic shooter that definitely needs a return.

Capcom needs to drop something Resident Evil during E3 and with this year being the anniversary for the series – it’s the best time too. So far Capcom has been focusing on remasters and spin-offs – while these are great filler titles in the mean-time, it’s about time we see Resident Evil 7. Let’s do it Capcom!


Jayden Perry

This year’s E3 has a lot of games we already know are coming, but what I really want to see first is the Amy Hennig helmed Star Wars project. While it’s still a long way off being a released game, I’m hoping we get a bit of a tease of what it could be – after the cancellation of 1313 I’m all too keen to see what Star Wars titles are in the works.

The recent ‘leak’ of Injustice 2 has the fighting and comic fan in me quite excited. I really enjoyed what NetherRealm can do with the DC property, especially after the original spawned quite a successful run of comics. A flashy reveal with some unexpected heroes battling it out would be great to see!

Lastly, I’m pretty pumped to (hopefully) learn about what Sucker Punch has been working on for the PS4. With Uncharted 4 out and Horizon in the future, PS4 exclusives are looking pretty stellar, and hopefully Sucker Punch show off something that rivals even those. If it can recapture the magic of the original inFamous with some new ideas, sign me right up.