All the Xbox 360 Gold subscribers have another two titles to look forward to in the next few weeks. The March line-up for Games with Gold includes Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution, and Dungeon Defenders.

Available for the first two weeks of March (March 1 – March 15), Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution is the most addictive way to lead a great empire from the dawn of man to the space age. Whether you want to conquer the world via brute force, become the most advanced culture to walk the earth, or prefer to spread some culture, Civilization Revolution is a fun way to spend some time, especially for fans of the series. Xbox Live Gold subscribers can queue it up for download from, or the Games with Gold area in the Xbox Live Marketplace.


Once you’ve finished building an empire, you can start defending another. Dungeon Defenders is a co-op tower defense action RPG… Yes, that’s a thing. Create a character, summon towers and traps, level up, upgrade your gear, and (hopefully) save the land of Etheria from an ancient evil… Dungeon Defenders will be free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers for the last two weeks of March (March 16 – March 31), and you’ll be able to queue it up from or the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Dungeon Defenders

You can find more information about the Games with Gold program over at