Horde is back and better than ever in Gears of War 4, bringing a wealth of new strategies and threats in its upgraded form. While it’s easy just to queue up and enjoy with multiplayer servers, we’ve put together our top tips to ensure you’ll be shooting and sawing your way through the competition, reaching higher waves than before.

Bring buddies

Seems simple, right? Horde 3.0 is and always has been a cooperative game mode that rewards teamwork and communication. Picking up a few friends or looking for other players via reddit or discord servers is the first step to ensuring you have a group that’ll (hopefully) listen and work well together.

The introduction of classes and cards means that the teamwork has more impact than ever before. Choosing synergistic loadouts for your group, and cards that complement this as you level, will put you ahead from the get go. Ensuring your engineer is willing and equipped to keep defences healed will make a huge difference when the bullets start flying.gears4_pax_horde_sniperKnow your classes and loadouts

You’ll want to ensure you bring an engineer and a scout class player into each encounter. The engineer is self explanatory, it has the benefit of always having the repair tool, saving you the valuable resources spent on buying one from the fabricator.

The scout is an invaluable pick up due to a perk which increases the amount of power you collect for killing enemies. Given how much some of the better defences will set you back, specifically the auto turret, you’ll be in a good spot. From there, whether you choose to go full damage or add a medic is up to your group, as these are much more flexible. Having a few members with modified lancers is imperative as they’re one of the few one hit kill weapons. That chainsaw will always be a great option should enemies get too close, plus it deals plenty of reliable damage.

Stick together 

Time and time again you hear ’don’t be a hero’, and once again it’s super important. Sticking together and covering each other by communicating will help to ensure you don’t get too overwhelmed with advancing COG bots or Swarm. Should one of your players fall obviously revive them if you can, but don’t go for that all or nothing revive on the opposite side of the map. Sure, it might work, but it also might leave your team another man down in a tough spot. Hunkering down, playing safe and waiting for the end of a round is much less frustrating than restarting a whole wave.It’s also handy to be aware of what wave it is, as every tenth one will be a boss wave. While these are a tonne of fun you really want to ensure you’re locked and loaded when it drops, not scattered collecting power or setting up defences. Awareness goes a long way, so make sure you’re all prepped for the worst Gears will throw at you.

Defend the fabricator

The first thing you do in horde is secure the fabricator. Make sure you place it in an easy accessible and defensible spot for your group incase you need to build a gun or defence item in a hurry. Making sure you stick with it as much as possible means you know the area and are prepared to hold that down as a last resort.

As the power resource builds up chat with your team about what you all need to hold your spot before building items – you don’t want to waste the resource on a whim. Your defences are what can make or break a horde streak, so ensure you place items in conjunction with one another to get the most out of them. Combos like barriers and slowing turrets toward the front will make sure you aren’t swarmed, with more valuable items like auto turrets sat at the back to maximise damage and protect you. As always, make sure you keep an eye on their health and your engineer keeps them in working order!Think about your ammo

Lastly, ammo is probably the only resource more valuable than power. Making sure you have plenty of bullets for your guns is paramount. Collect what you can with power after each wave, and if you find particularly useful special guns like the torque bow or sniper consider buying a weapons locker.

As all weapons on the ground disappear as a new wave starts (make sure your primaries are never on the ground at this point!) you can store weapons in it to ensure this doesn’t happen to your prized finds. It also refills all stocked gun’s ammo over time, which means that you’ll always have a few guns to fall back to should you find yourself in an emergency.

Most of all, have fun in horde and try new things. Make sure to let us know in the comments below if you have any other strategies for fellow horde players to utilise, or if these ones worked for you!

Gears of War 4 is out now on Xbox One and PC. You can read our full review of the title right here!