With the Oceanic Pro League kicking off tonight we’re about to see both new and returning teams competing in the top tier of Oceanic competition. As the matches begin to draw larger audiences, we thought we’d put up a guide so returning and new fans can get familiar with the teams they’ll be watching in this split.



The Chiefs are the reigning champs of OPL split one, freshly returned from competing in the International Wild Card Invitational earlier this month. While the team has seen a small change in their roster, they’re no stranger to the competition, likely to continue the season in top form. This is definitely a team at the top of their game, delivering consistent high quality plays and consistent wins.

Dire Wolves


The Dire Wolves are a relatively young team, but a formidable team even so. They were the runners up in split one of the OPL, securing decisive victories across their games thanks to some rising stars in their roster. While they may not have taken top spot, they’re a team with plenty of potential definitely serious contenders this split.



This team has been at the top of the Oceanic eSports scene for quite some time, maintaining a high standard of play throughout the years. While they’ve been beaten by some of the newer teams in recent times, they’re a force to be reckoned with, one that has the potential to cause a major upset against some of the newly favoured teams.

Avant Gaming


Avant Gaming are another team that’s no stranger to the professional scene, once skyrocketing to win the tournament at PAX Australia. After facing some losses over the last split, this team is certainly unpredictable in play and are likely to give more than a few teams a run for their money. Only time will tell if they can reclaim their crown.



Legacy has quite the history of success, disrupting the Chief’s chances of victory at two major competitions in the past. It’s this skill that will hopefully put Legacy in good standing as they enter split two of the OPL, delivering quality matches against the best the competition has to offer.

Sin Gaming


Sin Gaming is a new name in the OPL ladder, but they boast quite a powerful roster. Recently, Rosey from the Chiefs made the move to the team, giving them quite a powerful position. With the right moves, Sin Gaming could be quite the contender with their prowess set to be tested as they take on the Chiefs in tonight’s opening match.



Absolute have proven their skill by advancing into the OPL from the challenger series final by pulling a surprise win with an exceptional level of play. This team is a new one, but one that could prove dangerous to the rest of the OPL ladder given their recent matches. Absolute is also the first team in the OPL with a female player which is really exciting to see for the growth of the league.

Sudden Fear


While they may not be the top of the tournament, Sudden Fear fight hard to make sure they perform the best they can in their matches. With no where to go but up, this team could be quite the underdog over the course of the split and are definitely ones to watch for quality play and entertaining matches.



So there we have it; our roster for split two of the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League!

The first round of matches kicks off May 25th at 6pm AEST, with games every Monday and Thursday nights for the duration of the split. make sure to tune in over at the Riot Oceania Twitch channel!