After the announcement that Sydney Sixers General Manager Dominic Remond has been appointed CEO of Gfinity Australia, the company has finally revealed its plans for the expansion into our region.

The Gfinity Australia Series will feature three titles, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Rocket League and Street Fighter V. It will also boast some of the biggest prize pools in the history of Australian esports offering $450,000 AUD in its first year. 2018 will kick off with a Challenger Series which is a competition for ‘all’ gamers. The Challenger Series will see $15,000 AUD prize money each month including the pre-season which starts this week.

“The Challenger Series is designed as an integrated, grassroots support platform, which is frequently seen in traditional sports, and is key to the development of Australian esports,” said incoming Gfinity Australia CEO, Dominic Remond

The Challenger Series is designed to help pick up the best amateur players to be entered into the The Elite Draft – which gives them the opportunity to join one of the ‘six professional teams competing, each representing a major Australian city’. The players will play alongside the pros in the upcoming Elite Series.

Two Elite Series seasons will be run in 2018 which comprises of seven weeks of competition each season. Based off a league season with six pro teams competing each one representing an Australian city. The Elite Series will be played each weekend in-front of a live audience with a finals weekend for each game title.

“Gfinity Australia provides a clear pathway from amateur to professional, to secure a place in Australia’s newest esports  franchises, and be part of the biggest league to launch in Australia. It’s exciting to see HT&E and Gfinity Australia introduce this competitive framework to boost esports in the Australian market, and bring a unique viewing experience to audiences, with substantial prize money at stake,” Dominic said.

“Australia is the first territory of expansion for Gfinity, driven by this country’s passion for competitive sports and the growing popularity of esports. Gfinity Australia wants to build the ‘Big Bash League of esports’, and I’m looking forward to joining the team in 2018 as we move to establish the Gfinity Elite Series as a must-watch part of the Australian sport and entertainment calendar.”

This is massive news for the local scene. With a great amateur player path-to-pro opportunity, live Sydney studio games and an incredible prize pool – Gfinity is looking to set a standard in it’s very first expansion outside the UK.

Thinking of competing? Registrations are open on the Gfinity Australia website now.

Gfinity Australia – Elite Series Explained video: