Not Just a Port

Project Siren’s Gravity Rush transition onto the PlayStation 4 platform is no ordinary port. Gravity Rush was made for the PlayStation Vita so you could only imagine the disaster that awaits if this was just a simple port over job. Thankfully this isn’t the case here with Bluepoint Games leading the charge.

Gravity Rush Remastered features not just an up-scaled resolution, the textures, character models and effects like shadows have been recreated for the big screen. The game is sharper and taking advantage of powerful hardware – the game runs in a stunning 60 frames per-second.


Bluepoint Games has a great history of remastering titles with notable work such as bringing the Uncharted series to the PlayStation 4 platform. With Gravity Rush Remastered, it feels like a truly new game with the amount of work they’ve put into the making this remaster stand out. Even for players who finished the game on the PS Vita, the Remastered version is definitely worth replaying.

Great for Newcomers

Gravity Rush was a PlayStation Vita exclusive title that may have missed out on a good portion of the market. With the release of Gravity Rush Remastered, players who didn’t have an opportunity (like myself) will be able to experience the title which has been dubbed a must-play for the hand-held. This also leads into the next thing which was announced back in Tokyo Game Show 2015 – Gravity Rush 2.


The sequel, Gravity Rush 2 is PS4 only

Probably part of the reason why Gravity Rush was given the remastered treatment. The sequel, Gravity Rush 2 is PlayStation 4 only. The sequel for the game which debut on the PlayStation Vita handheld will unfortunately not come to the platform. The reason behind this as stated by the developers is the limitation in hardware with the PlayStation Vita which makes sense why it went PlayStation 4 only. So in other words, if you’re keen to check out the sequel and jump aboard the series – Sony has made it easier with the release of Gravity Rush Remastered.

Gravity Rush Remastered hits PlayStation 4 – 3rd February 2016. Our full review and analysis of Gravity Rush Remastered drops in soon.