GRID Autosport is launching this week and Codemaster Community Manager Ben Walke has revealed on the Codies blog that the game will receive a 4K texture pack on launch.

“If you play on PC you’ll have access to the first piece of additional content the moment GRID Autosport launches; an HD texture pack that will increase the visual fidelity of the liveries and car exteriors. We wanted to make the pack optional as the 4K textures included will be a small hit on your performance, so instead of bumping up the minimum specs for everyone we thought we’d leave the decision in your own hands.”

So if you’re packing a compatible card and a 4K monitor, Codemasters has given the opportunity to boost the visuals even more. Read our GRID Autosport review here.

GRID Autosport arrives on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 26th June 2014.