Announced via the PlayStation Blog, Defiant Developmentā€™s Hand of Fate will be making its way to PS4 this week.

Hand of Fate is a deck-building, action RPG where cards seemingly come to life. The game is inspired by tarot and fantasy, with elements of rogue-like gameplay also added into the mix. Part 3D fighter, part card-game and part RPG, Hand of Fate treads on very different ground, making for a unique and intriguing experience to be a part of.

Originally funded in 2013 through Kickstarter, Hand of Fate has been a massive hit on Steam for the past year. In May last year, Defiant Development announced the game would also be making its way to both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, with an Xbox One version to follow. A Vita release is still in the pipeline, but PlayStation 4 owners can lose their life to Hand of Fate when it releases on Wednesday night.