Microsoft aren’t the only ones making an Esports focused controller for the Xbox One as Razer are entering the domain again with their new controller – the Razer Wildcat. We took the controller for a spin twice, previously at EB Games Expo and recently during PAX Australia.

With Microsoft pushing Halo 5 competitively in 2016, Razer saw an opportunity to provide an alternative to the Xbox One Elite controller and this is where the Wildcat comes in. This is not Razer’s first foray into a competitive controller for the Xbox brand as they’ve previously released the Sabertooth and Onza for the Xbox 360.

This time, Razer worked with some of the best players in the scene to provide feedback on building a controller for the competitive scene. When I started using the controller for the first time, the weight of the controller felt perfect. It’s a weird thing to say but the Razer Wildcat just feels awesome to hold and use. Coming from the standard Xbox One controller, response felt on point with the mechanical-like hyper-response buttons and thumbsticks. The biggest benefit of the controller which pros will take advantage of is the ability to remap the layout on the fly without having the need to use software so you can adjust your own playing method.


Profiles for remaps can also be saved so if you happen to ‘maybe’ use a different layout in another game or mode then you can change it without having to waste time re-mapping the controller again. The control panel also features quick chat buttons and a headset port for ease of access.

If you get sweaty palms when you try to hit them head-shots in Halo 5 then the Razer Wildcat also comes with optional rubber grips. These are a godsend especially in the hot weather here in Sydney and will come in handy if you’re in the midst of competition and have no time to wipe your hands.


With the release of the Xbox One Elite controller, Razer might have trouble competing because of the same price point and similar features. The design however are slightly different and two optional triggers on the bottom of the Wildcat feels much more easier to use than the paddles.

The Razer Wildcat comes out Early December and will retail for $199.95 AUD. You can check out the product here.