Ninja Theory have released the first trailer for their upcoming game Hellblade, with the trailer going into specific detail about protagonist Senua, a Celtic warrior who is left traumatised by a Viking invasion and the manifestation of her own mental illness following that ordeal.

Ninja Theory have been working closely with Psychiatrist and Professor of Health and Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge Paul Fletcher, as well as arranging to consult with people who have experience of mental health difficulties. The team aim to represent the illness as thoroughly and as real as possible in Hellblade, and the research and continued passion to craft such a project can only bode well for the potential the game has.

Hellblade is being developed by a small team of 15 people under a development model the team have dubbed “Independent AAA”. Their aim is to craft a game with all of the creative freedom of ‘indie’ development, but with the production values of a AAA blockbuster game.

Hellblade is scheduled for a 2016 release and will be available on PC and PlayStation 4.