Arrowhead Studios announces a new Helldivers expansion – Masters of the Galaxy, which drops from skies today. The new expansion, which is a free content update adds new enemy types and trophies.

Free Expansion Features:

• New Trophies
• New Bug “Hive Lord” Enemy Master
• New Cyborg “Siege Mech” Enemy Master
• New Illuminate “Great Eye” Enemy Master

Also announced was a physical release of the game called – Super-Earth Ultimate Edition which will hit retail stores (and online) on August 18th. The Super-Earth Ultimate Edition will include the PS4 game on blu-ray, digital copies of the PS3 and PS Vita version, Helldivers Turning Up the Heart and Masters of the Galaxy Expansions, 11 DLC packs, weapons pack and the PS4 dynamic theme.

Would you like to know more? Watch the trailer below.