Hi-Rez Studios has revealed a massive push for the local esports this year with the announcement that both SMITE and Paladins oceania teams will be able to compete and qualify for the upcoming international Masters events in April which features a $195,000 USD total prize pool.

Dan McHugh, Hi-Rez Studios Senior Esports Manager said:

“On the back of strong performances in the region, SMITE and Paladins esports teams in Australia and New Zealand will be guaranteed direct qualification for two international events this year. Building on already robust structural support for Oceania esports, we’re excited to see Oceania teams compete with our other teams from around the world, continuing the expand their skills at the highest level”

Coming off the success of recent world stage presence at the Hi-Rez Expo, the Oceanic teams will now have more opportunity to grow with the mid-season International Masters coming off the back off Split One.

Stew Chisam, President of Hi-Rez Studios:

“We have long been proud to offer one of the best pathways in esports for Oceania region teams, with direct qualification to the global SMITE World Championship and Hi-Rez Expo. We are committed to a flourishing scene for both SMITE and Paladins, which in Australia boasts some of the strongest adoption rates in the world.”

The SMITE Oceania Pro League Season 4 kicks off from February 18th as six teams compete in 7 weeks of competition. The top team will then qualify for the SMITE MASTERS in Atlanta, Georgia on April 28th-30th 2017. The SMITE MASTERS features a $120K USD prize pool.

SMITE Oceania Pro League will also be played every weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 7PM AEST.

For Paladins Season 1, the competition begins on 6th February with a 3 week Qualifier tournaments followed by a 3 week Masters Qualifier Group Stage. Oceanic teams have three qualifier opportunities in these consecutive tournaments to join the 4 team group stage. The top team will go to the PALADINS MASTERS in Atlanta Georgia on April 6th-9th 2017 to compete for a $75K USD prize pool.

Paladins Oceania Pro League is broadcast live on Twitch every Monday from 7pm AEST February 6th.

Players wanting to join can check out the CyberGamer pages here: SMITE | Paladins