Riot Games in conjunction with their partners HSL and HSEL have announced the High School AU & NZ Championship giving students the opportunity to compete in competitive gaming and also allows them to represent their school on the regional stage.

The High School AU & NZ Championship will be broken down into two regions managed by two Riot partners. The High School League or HSL (Let’s Play Live) whom have been operating successful High School LoL tournament in New Zealand already will be adding three Australian states to their region: NSW, QLD and ACT. The other partner, High School Esports League or HSEL (Adelaide Crows) will be managing these states: SA, WA, VIC, TAS and NT.

Following traditional sports, each state/territory will feature its own tournament except New Zealand which will keep their tournament nationwide. The tournaments will run during terms 2 and 3 with a finals for each region. The top schools will then play off in the High School League of Legends Australian and New Zealand Championship finals to determine the champion.

Students and Teachers interested in the program can learn more about the High School League of Legends Australian & New Zealand Championship and register here.