Humble’s 14th Indie Bundle just received it’s second batch of games this week, and they’re pretty great.

New to Humble? The idea is that you can contribute however much you want, be it $1, $5, $10 and so on, and depending on the amount contributed, you’ll receive a healthy quantity of games.

The games are spread out into tiers, with this weeks Indie Bundle being as follows:

  • Pay what you want ($0.01 onwards) to nab Pixel Piracy, UnEpic and Super Splatters.
  • Pay more than the average ($6.03 at the time of writing) to grab Outlast, Torchlight II, La-Mulana, 140, Mirrormoon EP and Contraception Maker.
  • Pay $10 or more and you’ll get the special edition of Shadow Warrior.

That’s how the tiers work, so depending on how much you contribute will depend on what games you get. The tiers stack, so if you payed $10, you’ll get everything. This bundle’s specifically DRM-free, so you won’t get tied up with anything if you just want to install the games and go from there. It does come with Steam keys too, so you can always just add them to your library if you want.

There’s an extra tier this time around – valued at $40 – which will get you an Indie Bundle 14 t-shirt, an embroidered patch and a handkerchief as well.

Humble gives a percentage of the money received from everything they sell to charity, with this bundle focusing on the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Childs Play Charity. You can decide where your money goes though, and can manually adjust it during the purchase so it all goes to charity. It’s completely up to you.

Check out the bundle here.