It’s been a week since the latest Steam sale, and if in that time your wallet has begun to feel a little full again, the Humble Store has just kicked off a new sale to fix this problem!

The Winter Sale will see 500 plus titles receive price cuts over a whopping fourteen days, with new deals rotating daily. Make sure to keep an eye on the storefront or sign up for the newsletter to make the most of the deals.

Today’s picks include Alan Wake plus Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for $3.99, Batman Lego 3: Beyond Gotham for $19.99 and the Screencheat Humble 4-Pack for $9.99. The Screencheat bundle includes an upgrade to the deluxe version when you share one of the bonus copies by December 26th, containing an exclusive weapon, a holiday ‘bonus’ (exclusive in-game items coming soon!) and a bonus copy of Critical Mass.

If that wasn’t enough, the Humble Store is donating 10% of all purchases to five charities – the American Red Cross, Childs Play Charity, Charity: Water, World Land Trust and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the store and grab yourself and your friends some fun new games!

Via: Humble Mumble