HyperX has announced over the weekend the sponsorship of AFL team, the Sydney Swans which marks the first professional AFL team to be sponsored by an esports gaming brand. During the 2018 AFL Premiership season, the Sydney Swans will be gearing up with HyperX headsets during match day in the coach’s box and player’s bench plus work closely with the club on fan activities.

Grant Rose, Sydney Swans Head of Strategy and Commercial has said:

“We’re excited to partner with HyperX to integrate their products into our programs. This is one of the first major partnerships to sit across both traditional sport and esports, and it gives us the opportunity to work more closely with the Esports High Performance Centre across commercial and training practices. There are certainly similarities in the work we both put in behind the scenes to deliver on our respective programs – and access to technology plays a large part in that.”

Luke Parker repping the HyperX Cloud Alphas

Susan Yang, Marketing Director, APAC Region, HyperX mentions that they’re “excited to be the first gaming accessories company to partner with an AFL team. Traditional sports like AFL have a long history and solid support from enthusiastic fans, and as esports is catching up quickly, we do see the trend of both sports converging and growing together. With the cutting edge technology and top performance peripherals, the alliance of HyperX and EHPC will help local talent elevate their performance to the next level. The HyperX tagline is ‘We’re All Gamers’, and we look forward to spreading the fun of games to fans across fields. Whether you are a gamer or a professional athlete, you are part of the HyperX family.”

HyperX also announced the sponsorship of the Esports High Performance Centre (EHPC) located at the Sydney Cricket Ground which is home to the OPL team, the LG Dire Wolves. With the sponsorship of the three teams, HyperX has become the first gaming brand to bond esports and traditional sports together alongside the training facility in Australia.

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