IEM Katowice 2017 details has been announced and will be located at the Spodek Arena for two consecutive weekends in February and March. During the same weekend the ICC will also be home to the IEM expo where visitors can participate in additional activities which include Free to play zones, Meet and Greets, concerts, raffles with prizes from the event sponsor and more.

In February the IEM World Championship for League of Legends group stage will be played backstage on February 22-23 and will move to the Spodek arena on Saturday, February 25-26. There will be 8 teams split up into two groups of four, the top two placing first in the two groups will advance to the playoffs which will decide which teams will go to the semifinals and grand-finals.

Then on the following weekend in March the CS:GO and Starcraft tournament will be held in both the Spodek Arena and the adjacent International Convention Center. The CS:GO Tournament will feature 12 top-tier teams competing for the prize pool of $250,000 USD.

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