While Inafune and his studio are busy with the imminent launch of Mighty No. 9 and development on Xbox One exclusive ReCore, a new game was released on Kickstarter overnight from the acclaimed creator and his studio.

Red Ash, a Mega Man Legends-inspired action adventure game with third person shooter elements, follows Beck and his mission to infiltrate the interior of the Mobile Citadel KalKanon, exploring its village, castle, and hidden dungeons. His goal is to stop KalKanon before the Peacemakers make piecemeal of everything.

Red Ash isn’t your “typical RPG” either, with the Kickstarter description also going into detail about new elements that will set the game apart, of those the most notable are a “mischievous” sense of freedom and dungeons built with elements of horror.

Red Ash has a $800,000 USD goal and currently sits at $216,685 USD as of writing. You can check out the trailer and contribute to the project here. The game is currently only planned for a PC release in 2017.