After pushing his team to the 2nd spot of Split Two of the SMITE Oceanic Pro League OPL Season Three, one of the team’s to watch this weekend is Incite led by captain Kurtis ‘Biggy’ Davidson. With a resume of leading Avant Garde/Pandamonium in the past, Biggy talks to us about building the perfect team environment forming a roster with the best of the region.

“It was always my intention to eventually form a roster that genuinely enjoyed playing and socialising together.”

Incite roster has had a fairly “disruptive start to the split” as Biggy mentions. Forming the right roster is not easy and he admits that “took a bit of time for us to build our synergy and play around my shot-calling” but once the team was comfortable with the roster, they did not drop a match.

“I think our performance during the split showed that on our day we can dominate any team. We only lost one set, and that was to the first seeded Legacy, who we then beat 2-0 in week 8.”

Incite vs. Dead Weight (Legacy) OPL Highlight

Going into LAN, Biggy mentions that “Right now I feel like we have that perfect team environment and that is translating into the way we play”. Preparing for the final hasn’t changed much for the team as they’re continuing their usual process and analysing but Biggy has mentioned the increased intensity of the training and working out some minor individual and team specific weaknesses.

“Our preparation style hasn’t changed at all, but there has definitely been a major increase in our intensity when we practice.”

“My biggest emphasis heading to Sydney was for us to work hard on removing a group of small specific individual and team weaknesses we have. I’m confident that if I prepare my team as well as I can then they will carry me like they usually do.”

Kurtis ‘Biggy’ Davidson has a lot of faith in the roster and you can see the confidence and performance since the roster changes earlier in the split. Roster changes were risky but looks like it has paid off for Incite.

Incite vs. Dead Weight (Legacy) OPL Game Replay

With quite an experience in competitive SMITE, I also touched based with Biggy about his thoughts on the growth of the esports here in Australia. He mentioned that “this season’s growth was mixed.”

“We saw the addition of more LAN’s and prize money, but there has also been a drop in the competitive player base, including the reduction of teams in the Pro League and an awkwardly structured Challenger’s Cup due.”

He also mentioned that Oceania was the only region not invited to compete at Dreamhack “which would have given one team invaluable international practice” and it’s something that I can get behind. With a small player base, it can be hard for our local teams to practise across a broad range which can often limit the growth of the scene. Something we see a lot in a similar title in oceania.

“Next season will be make or break. There has to be some sort of consistent sustainability to make it worth every Pro League players’ time and effort.”

Despite a mixed reaction to this season of SMITE so far, this weekend is looking to be quite competitive. We’ve seen an incredible finale last split with Tainted Minds almost upsetting Pandamonium. Incite is looking very dangerous heading into this weekend and have proven that they can take on the number one seeded team, Legacy.

The SMITE Oceanic Pro League (OPL) is on this weekend (20th-21st August) at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney. For more information about the event, visit here.