Welcome to the Ninja Awards, where each team member from Respawn Ninja votes for our top picks on different categories each day. Today, we look at the Indie Game of the Year. It was a tough one with so many quality indie games this year but here’s the final results.

Winner – Never Alone

Never Alone or Kisima Ingitchuna is a puzzle platformer created by E-Line Media. Created in collaboration with the Alaska Native community; Never Alone uses the medium of video games to tell a story pulled from the rich folklore culture of the Alaskan Inupiat.

From it’s beautiful art design to lovable characters and story – Never Alone was our top Indie title for 2014.


2nd Place – Nidhogg

While Nidhogg seems rather simplistic on the outside: this two player duelling game providing some of the most intense, edge of your seat fights. Easy to play, difficult to master, Nidhogg won 2nd place for our Indie Game of the Year because of it was just goddamn addictive and crazy.


3rd Place – BroForce

What happens when you combine the fun, over the top action of Metal Slug with the heroes from the classic action blockbusters? BroForce! While still in development, BroForce has provided plenty of content for an Early Access title. Like bro, we were already satisfied with what’s on offer and it’s not even done yet! Definitely our 3rd pick for this year and we can’t wait to see more.


What were your favorite indie games of 2014? Chuck them in the comments!