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Starting off as a mod for Half Life 2, Insurgency became one of the most popular tactical shooters on the PC platform back in 2007 providing some of the most realistic infantry based combat we’ve seen on the market. After several years in development entering Steam as an Early Access title – can New World Interactive live up to the mod with the standalone game?

Insurgency is set in modern type warfare as the typical USA goes head to head  with the local Insurgency group in Afghanistan, Iraq or wherever the current desert conflict is. Fans of Red Orchestra can see the resemblance of gameplay when jumping into Insurgency as it follows the same sort of setup. Players used to today’s first person shooters will have to dial down their tone of combat as Insurgency relies heavily on teamwork and accurate placing of rounds. Everything in this game is somewhat loosely based on realistic combat, there’s no cross-hairs as accurate exchanges in rounds against the enemies is all relied heavily on your ability to judge distance, movement and aiming down sight. You can shoot from the hip but it’s highly not recommended. Running into a firefight will certainly result in your death so moving slower and positioning yourself in the right areas of the situations will give you a higher chance of survival. It does take time for the mechanics and difficulty to sink in but ultimately becomes highly rewarding coming out of the rounds alive.


Players have the option to choose their class and weapon setups. The more equipment utilised, the more weight you carry which leads to slower movement in the field. The classes are preset to what weapons are available to you from the standard infantry class utilising full blown assault rifles like the M4A1 while there’s other classes like Machine Gunner (self explanatory) to Specialist whom mainly carry light sub-machine guns variants. Depends on how you play determines the class you roll with, as a person who enjoys close combat without sacrificing too much range, the Specialist became my class of choice as I was able to clear out rooms while still pinging people in mid distances. Classes are limited per team so you can’t have a team full of sniper camping scrubs so it offers a balanced system.


Most people will see a resemblance to Counter-Strike when first glancing at Insurgency. Both are very team based competitive shooters but it’s the next level realism and game modes is what sets the games apart. Insurgency most noticeable favorite mode is ‘Firefight’ where the objective is to completely wipe out the other team or capture ALL three objectives. Each player has one life but if your team manages to capture a new or re-take an objective from the enemy – your dead players respawn. So there’s a certain level of expectations dead players have for the remaining teammates in the field. This mode provides some of the most hilarious comebacks as in one-off plays –  a single teammate managed to capture an objective against all odds to have our team re-spawned and eliminating the opposing team in one quick blow. There are other modes such as destroying weapons cache and VIP if players want a break from the norm but ‘Firefight’ is where the core element of the game lies.


Insurgency is built on the Source engine which in detail looks sharp but it’s not groundbreaking. The game has also came out of Steam’s Early Access so it’s gradually building with more features as promised by the developer which is going to get better as it ages. Models are a little rough around the edges and there’s still some elements of the game’s menu system requiring some attention but as it stands now, it’s still very well polished. Insurgency won’t win in the visuals department when pitted against games like Battlefield 4 or even Call of Duty but it’s what the gameplay offers that truly stands out when compared to those two.

New World Interactive has hit all the right targets with Insurgency. The realistic layer offers some of the most challenging fun in shooters and is recommended for anyone seeking a little thrill from this stagnant genre. If you have a spare $13 bucks tucked away somewhere, go invest in this truly rewarding title.

Developer: New World Interactive
Publisher: New World Interactive
Platform: PC (Digital)

Insurgency Review
95%Overall Score