After the announcement of entering the FGC scene, JAM Gaming has revealed two players: Blake ‘Castiel’ Asquith and Duc or Dooky led by Youssef Faddoul who will be managing the team.

Today we reveal the third pick-up for JAM Gaming, competitive Tekken player Jacky Ng aka handsomeboi123. Check out the interview conducted by Youssef Faddoul below:

Who are you (name, gamer tag, age)? What game do you compete in and how long have you been competing?

My name is Jacky Ng aka handsomeboi123 and I compete in Tekken 7. I picked up Tekken 5 when I was in year 10 high school, approximately 13 years ago.

What drew you to competitive fighting games particularly your fighting game of choice?

I was shown how to do air combos and chain grabs with King in Timezone arcade once and I started playing thinking I could also do the same. Then I started playing the game at home with my mates and I have never given up the game since then. I was more of a Street Fighter guy back then because it was more mainstream but got hooked on to Tekken as soon as I started playing it seriously.

Why do you play the character(s) you play?

I started usng King, then Law, then Feng. I wanted to use a character with a lot of cheap low pokes so I could annoy the crap out of people. I realised Feng was exactly that character and I never looked back. I also used Leo as my secondary character.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the next 12 months?

To win or at least get into top 8 of OHN (OzHadou Nationals). None of Sydney players made top 8 last year and I hope this is the year we redeem ourselves. Sydney used to dominate the Tekken scene and I wish to revive that in the coming months.

Why did you join JAM?

So I can promote Tekken nationally and internationally and be sponsored to travel doing something I am really passionate in.

What do wish to achieve under the JAM banner?

I hope I can make top 8 in all the national events I represent JAM at and not go two and out in the broader international stage haha.

What is your proudest memory to date in your competitive career?

Finishing 2nd at OHN (OzHadou Nationals) knocking out many other better players than me.

Any final words or shoutouts?

I would like to thank Youssef for always putting in so much time and effort for promoting Australia’s competitive fighting game scene, particularly Tekken. Tekken would not be as big as it would in Sydney if it wasn’t for all the things he did for the scene. And of course thank you heaps to Chris and JAM Gaming for giving me this amazing opportunity. I promise to do everyone proud.

Check out JAM.GG for more information on the team and organisation.