Moving World of Tanks to the PlayStation 4 was no easy task.

World of Tanks launched on the PlayStation 4 in January but it was no easy task according to Jeff Gregg, the Lead Game Designer from Wargaming. I managed to sit down with Jeff to discuss the challenges of bringing the game to the PlayStation 4.

With the game being available on PC, Xbox and Portables for quite some time – it was only a matter of time before the big free-to-play title hits PlayStation 4. Jeff explains that “Making the game talk and work with the PSN network” is probably the most challenging thing about moving the game over to the PlayStation 4.

“A lot of our system is built specifically for Xbox Live” so the game is not just a simple port from the Xbox platforms. The team wanted players to have the same exact experience across all platforms and the PSN system works in a different way so the team had to architect all the backend to work was a huge “undertaking”.

“I wish we had a giant red switch”

This is why the beta was important Jeff mentions that the team could really see ‘what falls apart’ and finishes off with just getting the game to work with the PSN network was probably the most single biggest challenge of bringing the game over to the PlayStation 4 platform.


One of the biggest pushes by Wargaming at Tokyo Game Show 2015 was World of Tanks on PS4. As the PS4 is the strongest console platform in Japan, I asked Jeff about the response of the game especially in this sector since the Xbox doesn’t have much of an impact in this market.

“We didn’t know what to expect, when we first turned it on – there was only 500 concurrent players”… it was like “uh-oh” but then it started growing rapidly. From 5000 to 7000 over the next few days. “People are playing with it and sticking with it which is super-exciting”.


Switching to the other side of the world, Jeff also mentions that there’s been a lot of players coming from the Eastern European/Russian side playing the PS4 version of World of Tanks (most of them PC players trying out the console version) which is great sign with the community really being involved with the game on the forums as well.

So what’s next for Wargaming on console?

With World of Tanks already across all the main platforms in the market, I mentioned whether the team is looking at the other Wargaming franchises coming to consoles but team is not done yet. “There’s so much we need to do and want to do, it will keep us busy for the future on all platforms” and mentions this will be their focus to continue supporting the game for the future to come.

World of Tanks is now available for the PlayStation 4. Download it for Free.