Jade Raymond has today announced she is opening a new development studio in Montreal, Motive Studios. Motive will be an EA studio, set to work on new franchises in the future, but their first game will be the Amy Hennig and Visceral Star Wars title. In her announcement post, she also mentioned Motive will be working closely with Bioware Montreal, currently developing Mass Effect Andromeda.

“I’m thrilled that the first big project that we will work on in Montreal will have Amy as Creative Director. An opportunity to work with her and the Visceral team, and to play in the Star Wars universe, is once-in-a-lifetime stuff. Getting back to what I love about making games, creating a new studio, working alongside world-class developers, ideating new IP and being a part of Star Wars…this is going to be fun!”

Jade left Ubisoft after ten years last October, previously serving as Producer on the original Assassin’s Creed and Executive Producer on Assassin’s Creed 2, Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell Blacklist. For more information on Jade and her new studio, head to the announcement page right here.