Defeat is something that everyone has to deal with, but it’s the way that people deal with it that makes it a whole different story. If a person or otherwise in this case, a player, doesn’t have a strong mental game; then the likelihood of them taking defeat on the chin with a good mindset, is extremely low.

Now, everyone knows that defeat is an extremely hard pill to swallow. But how does someone who plays their game at the highest level deal with it? I sat down with Joshua “INS” Potter and discussed with him how he deals with defeat and what steps should be taken for those who find it hard to deal with.

My first question to Joshua was all about his mental game in the server, which was; How important is it for you to maintain a solid mental game?

“It’s probably one of the most important aspects of gaming. It’s a given you’re probably going to be slightly nervous during intense situations, but everyone has their own ways of dealing with the nerves. It’s super important to maintain focus especially during tight games.”

With that being said, I decided to move more deep into his mental game… so asked a line of questioning based on his teams recent performance at both the Asian Minor and Dreamhack Stockholm Qualifier, that being; Lately Tainted Minds has been the bridesmaid to first place… does that affect your team’s mentality when going into a Grand Final and if so, how do you deal with it?

“I don’t think it affects our mentality going into Grand Finals at all. We’re always confident going into every game, sometimes we just simply get outclassed on the day.”

Plain and simple from Joshua. On the topic of being “outclassed on the day”, I then asked him; What do you believe needs to be done for Tainted Minds to follow through with winning a final? Is it more of a “whoever turns up on the day” or is there something that needs to be done to push you over the line?

“I think the top four Oceania teams lately are all on the same level, with maybe Grayhound Gaming being a slight margin in front of everyone else. I think lately it’s more whoever turns up on the day. For us to win a final we just need to be better, plain and simple. We’ve been very inconsistent I think, not just in finals but in every game and that needs to be fixed before we win.”

“Tainted Minds at the Katowice Gaming House before the Asian Minor” – Source

As said in my opening statement, defeat is a hard pill to swallow and everyone takes it in differently. I then moved on to questioning Joshua on the teams recent heartbreaking loss in the Dreamhack Qualifiers by saying; How do you deal with a tough loss, such as the Dreamhack Stockholm Qualifier?

“Losing is always tough. This loss was probably tougher considering all the preparation we put in before the minor to prepare ourselves for this and how confident we were going into it. I guess everyone has their own way of dealing with losses, but for us… We’re taking some time off and getting some rest. We will be back on the grind soon.”

A hard reality for a lot of top tier players not only in our region, but also around the world, is that taking a break is not always possible. Tournaments are always on and their opponents will always be grinding them, so players need to keep up with one another to stay on top of their game… Which then lead to my next question; What advice would you give to any up and coming players in terms of mentality; how should they present themselves and how should they deal with defeat?

“The only tip I could really give is just to keep at it, the amount of times I lost motivation and went through slumps was crazy. You just gotta keep grinding even after a tough defeat. You have to lose before you win.”

And that concluded my line of questioning with Joshua. He is one of the younger players in the scene, but to have him in the right mindset, would probably be one of his biggest attributes as a player; of course to go alongside his insane in game ability.

Tainted Minds is on the right path to success and I strongly believe that they will break that wall within the Grand Final’s of tournaments. With the support of their organization and continuous grind of the game, they will get there. If you’re looking to stay up to date with Joshua or otherwise Tainted Minds, the best way to do so is via their Twitter accounts.

“You have to lose before you win.” – Joshua “INS” Potter


Header Source: HLTV