Throwdown Esports have announced a monthly competition for budding and casual Rocket League players, complete with prize pools and a finals series broadcast live on Twitch.

The Throwdown Cup will have three weeks of tournaments, with the top teams from the three weeks then entering the finals series in the fourth week. The competition will have a $150 prize pool for the first three weeks of the event, alongside a $300 prize pool for the finals.

Teams will be earning points as they play in the first three weeks of the cup, rather than running through an elimination-styled tournament. The eight teams with the most points at the end of the three weeks will then be invited to play in the Throwdown Cup Final.

Points corresponding to position

The Throwdown Cup will be available to enter for free for all players not currently registered in professional leagues, with the first week of competition beginning January 23.

You can sign up to compete here.