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Based on the acclaimed manga by Tsutomu Nihei, Knights of Sidonia or Sidonia No Kishi is quite possibly one of the best mecha anime series I’ve seen since the original Evangelion.

In the future, the human race faces a terrifying yet mysterious enemy known as the Gauna. Not much is known about the Gauna or where they actually came from but after the attack on Earth, the human race have fled into space aboard colony ships. The series takes place on one particular ship called Sidonia and it follows a boy named Nagate Tanikaze. Nagate has been living in the lower non-populated depths of the ship during his childhood raised by his grandfather but after venturing above ground – he joins the ranks of Gardes pilots (mecha robots used to defend Sidonia) and discovers that he might be Sidonia’s answer to survival.


The platform for Knights of Sidonia may feel quite generic during the start with the whole ‘young under-dog boy with no friends becomes the master pilot’ story but don’t be fooled by the shallow depth. The series holds many secrets and the plot begins to thicken gradually as it goes. New things will pop into the spotlight and even Nagate’s origins become quite questionable. Who is he and where did he come from? The anime really keeps viewers at the edge of the seat throwing cliffhangers here and there which kept me bucketed down in my seat from the first to last episode.

The animation uses quite a heavy amount of CGI which may throw off viewers at first especially when most of the characters actually look the same. This could possibly be annoying to some viewers however I didn’t mind it. It stood out from other anime showcasing some brilliant environment design and incredible art style. The only issue I had with this type of animation was the occasional lag and framerate issue (yes we are still talking about anime here) which was very noticeable in some faster action-orientated scenes. It was however a minor nitpick and didn’t really turn me off the entire show.A6

Knights of Sidonia is probably the best anime series I’ve seen this year because of it’s powerful drama that carries a lot of weight for us to respect the characters. They aren’t memorable but it sure does represent them in way where we really care about the lives and threats they have to overcome. With Season 2 starting later this year, it’s time to jump aboard Sidonia.


  • Gripping story and well paced
  • Incredible production value
  • Design and Art Style


  • Can someone explain to me why there’s was a talking bear?
  • Some framerate issue


Knights of Sidonia is one heavyweight anime series that carries powerful drama and incredible action sequences. Despite some framerate issues, it’s a must watch anime series for 2014.

Knights of Sidonia Review
95%Overall Score