Koei Tecmo has finally revealed more of their upcoming Attack on Titan game and with a massive fanbase a lacking games in the past – it’s up to the company to provide.

There was no hands-on demo with the game on the Tokyo Game Show floor but gameplay was revealed on stage and it looks promising. Visuals were pretty standard but the flow of the game¬†looked smooth and the mechanics of slicing and dicing the Titans looked impressive. This could be the Attack on Titan game we’ve been waiting for.

The game doesn’t hold back on the violence though as the host on stage showed off the movement system with the maneuver gear and the different shots (and parts) you can take off the Titan in detailed not seen in the trailer. The game slows down slightly when you go into targeting mode and returns to normal speed when you initiate the attack.

You can watch the new trailer below. The game hits Japan this winter with a western release due next year in 2016.