Berserk was a popular 1990 dark-fantasy Japanese series manga that spawned an anime back in 1997. It has been known for its ultra-violent and sexual content in both the manga and anime with an update anime series due out next month.

After some heavy rumours, Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force – known for their upcoming Attack on Titan game and Warriors games in the past will be creating a musou based on the Berserk series. A trailer has been released which is somewhat NSFW and shows a glimpse of the game plus a few screenshots (courtesy of Famitsu online) you can check out below.

The game has been slated for a September 21st release in Japan. A western release has been confirmed but will more than likely come at a later date like most Koei Tecmo titles.

Berserk-Musou_Fami-shot_06-22-16_002-600x338 Berserk-Musou_Fami-shot_06-22-16_003-600x338 Berserk-Musou_Fami-shot_06-22-16_004-600x338 Berserk-Musou_Fami-shot_06-22-16_001-600x338