IEM returned to Asia holding its very first stadium event since 2008 – returning to the home of esports. There was three games on show: League of Legends, StarCraft 2 and Overwatch featuring some of the world’s best European and Korean teams. This was also the first season of IEM introducing Overwatch in its first ever stadium event.

With IEM’s first ever Overwatch event, the Korean teams seemed slightly more dominant over the European teams. In the semi-finals we saw Lunatic-Hai – the quarter finals winner take the lead making this an all Korean team battle going up against Luxury Watch Blue. The grand finals gave us a clearer view throughout the four maps giving Luxury Watch Blue the advantage over Lunatic-Hai with taking the win naming them champion for IEM XI.

On the StarCraft 2 side, INnoVation was waiting for his opponent in the grand finals while the others battle it out. With Stats and ByuL taking their fight to five full maps, it was Stats in the end taking the in against ByuL going 3-2. The finals brought INnoVation and Stats to battle it out in a best of 7, however INnoVation took it 4-0. In the post-match conference INnoVation said that he had used a particular build he has never practice with:

“Honestly, it was a build I hadn’t practiced a single game of. I’ve played it twice, once against Trust and against Stats today. It’s a build I’ve only thought about in my head. It just felt like it would work, I thought it was fine.” – InnoVation (Source)


In League of Legends, Samsung Galaxy the underdog team of the 11th season of IEM took first place after having a good run against fellow Korean teams as well as the European teams. Their performance stunned the audience as they took out Vega Squadron in round 1 and beating Immortals in the 2 round taking themselves to the grand finals against fellow Korean team Kongdoo Monsters whom they won against.

It was the Korean domination at IEM Gyeonggi with all three: INnoVation, Luxury Watch Blue, and Samsung Galaxy winning all three disciples featured. Samsung Galaxy will take the spot for the upcoming championships in March 2017 at IEM Katowice.

Photo Source: Intel Extreme Masters