KeSPA has announced that the StarCraft ProLeague is officially over. In a post on Fomos Korea, KeSPA Chairman Jun ByungHun issued a statement explaining the discontinuation of 14 seasons of competitive StarCraft in Korea.

“The drop in the number of ProLeague teams and players, difficulty securing league sponsors, and match fixing issues have made it challenging to maintain ProLeague. As such, KeSPA has come to announce the discontinuation of ProLeague and its operations of the five out of total seven StarCraft professional teams that participated in ProLeague 2016. The decision to put the past 14 years behind us and discontinue ProLeague was a difficult one and it deeply saddens me to have to also bring you the news that KeSPA will be stopping its operations of ProLeague teams.”

StarCraft in Korea has been a major title in defining esports in the country and globally. KeSPA has announced it will also strengthen its partnership with its members, game developers, and local/foreign partners to further grow eSports.

Source: via PvP Live