Sir Hammerlock had a sibling! That sibling is Lady Aurelia the Baroness, who will be joining the cast of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as a downloadable add-on in a couple of days, Gearbox has announced.

Apparently, Lady Hammerlock would never been seen within a light year of Pandora, but she’s grown bored as her turbomansion grows cold, while her lust for violence grows hot. She’s headed to Elpis with nothing more than an expensive gun, an experimental Cryo diadem, and a powerful belief that shooting angry things in the face is a good deal of fun.

Aurelia’s action skill is Cold As Ice, which lets her throw out a Frost Diadem Shard that seeks out enemies and attaches to them, dealing constant damage. If the target dies, the shard will move onto a new enemy. Pretty nifty.

Her three skill trees are Huntress, Cold Money, and Contractual Aristocracy. The Huntress skill tree focuses on sniping, Cold Money focuses on ice damage and Contractual Aristocracy allows a co-op buddy to turn into a servant, earning bonuses for kills in addition to her own.

The Lady Hammerlock Pack is included for those with a Season Pass, while the pack itself will cost $9.99. This DLC, as well as the final DLC for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, will both be available in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection when it launches on March 27.