Boss Key Productions’ first title is looking promising so far.

Team-based competitive arena shooters are the craze at the moment but that doesn’t stop Boss Key Productions from standing out from the crowded market with Lawbreakers. Made up with industry veterans taken from various franchises led by Epic Games founder, Cliff Bleszinski – Lawbreakers proved its place by providing exhilarating combat with a competitive feel.

Lawbreakers takes place in a future based on real-world locations and during our pre-hands on presentation, it was explained as their vision on what they thought the future of this icon looked like. The maps themselves were visually amazing as it was created on the new Unreal Engine 4 which provided some futuristic vistas and highly detailed environments and characters.

While there’s two sides to the game: Law and Breakers, both sides have the same set of characters with different design. The word symmetrical was used quite frequently to explain this game and they were right, the game was quite even and balanced. Each side has the characters with the same abilities and there always that sense of having the ability to counter.


We played a new mode called Turf War where each team had to capture three points on the map in each round till the timer counts down and if you win the round, you’ll gain a point on the score board. The rounds however don’t stop and start – there’s an actual intermission between them that keeps the momentum up. These intermission sections between rounds allow you to set your team up in positions to take the next round and also allows you to kill or be killed. Because of the respawn timer in the game, you can actually kill an enemy second before the round starts to deny them the advantage.

This sets up a level of strategy where the teams will communicate more to detect how the opposition will move in the next round, where they are camping or holding and if you’re risky enough – move in for a kill to push them back to the respawn screen. There’s lots of plays here which brings that competitive edge most other arena shooters were missing.


Lawbreakers is fast; allowing you to maneuverer in many different angles. It’s a 360-degree field of combat as the developers mentioned where you can use its vertically to move against enemies. Thanks to the zero-gravity combat in the centre part of the map we’re playing – it allowed us to do some crazy stunts and mid-air kills while achieving the centre capture point. Having to transition between normal combat to zero-gravity was fun and sometimes throws you off but once you get a grip on how it works – it will play to your advantage.

There’s currently 4 classes in Lawbreakers: Assassins, Enforcers, Titan and Vanguard each with their own unique set of attributes and special abilities. Depends on your play-style, if you prefer a light character with the ability to rope into position then the assassins allow you to move in quick for the kill with their swords. There’s also the Titan, they are big who can take and dish out the pain but ultimately slow due to its high weapon damage. Lawbreakers has something for someone and with both sides having the same character classes – it keeps the balance in check.


Lawbreakers so far has provided some exhilarating gameplay that not only feels fun but competitive as well. It’s quite addictive but with most multiplayer titles, it comes down to the full package, how content is being delivered and the longevity of it but from what I’ve played – Boss Key definitely has something here worth checking out and I just can’t wait to jump into the alpha.

Lawbreakers currently hit closed alpha this weekend. Sign up here for future updates and alpha invites.