Riot Games has announced the locations of the two biggest League of Legends events this year will take place in both Brazil and China.

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI 2017) will bring the competition to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on April 28 – May 21. All 13 regions will participate in this invitational as Riot retires the International Wildcard (IWC)

Also in the announcement is that the 2017 World Championship is heading to China for the first time. The top teams from around the world will compete in Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Shanghai from September 23 – October 29 with the finals to be placed at the Beijing National Stadium aka the Bird’s Nest.

24 teams will participate in 2017 World Championship including a spot for Oceania (OCE) and will play through the round one group stages.

For more information about the news, check out the Riot Games announcement here.