Before the Oceanic Pro League finals I had the chance to sit down with the Chief’s opponents Legacy, chatting with them about their progression through the split and what the future of Legacy would look like. While they didn’t end up defeating their rivals, they put up a great fight and are sure to return to the OPL next year with renewed vigour.

Jayden: Could you give us a bit of an introduction to team Legacy and how you all came together?

ChuChuz: The originals of the team were Carbon, Tim and myself. We’ve sort of added on everyone else along the road through a series of roster changes. We picked up Minkywhale first, then Claire and Tallywhacka very recently. That’s really how we developed over time.AS2_2812Jayden: How have you guys progressed through the OPL splits this year?

Carbon: We had a pretty good split this time around, we started really well and took some quite big scalps early on. About halfway through we started dropping games here and there, putting us on a losing streak of three or four games, some against the bottom teams of the split. That was a pretty tough time for us, but we changed the roster around, brought some subs in to see if that would work better, and thankfully we could come out of that dip quickly to finish strong.

Jayden: What does a day in the life of an Oceanic pro player in team Legacy look like?

Minkywhale: I wake up around twelve, grab some food and head into solo queue – we’re all expected to practice individually – till around seven or eight o’clock. We then get together, playing as a team for four to five hours. We pretty much do the same sort of thing every day.

Jayden: Other than regular practice, what do you do to prepare yourselves for major tournaments or matches like the OPL finals?

Tallywhacka: Besides our practice as a team and alone, we do watch a lot of VOD’s from other regions – they’re definitely a little better than us so learning from them is really important. It lets us incorporate their plays and styles into our play, strengthening us as a team._DSC8131Jayden: How do you guys feel about the current growth of League of Legends and esports in Australia?

Claire: I’ve been playing at LANs for the last two or three years, and each year Riot sponsors an event it gets bigger and bigger. It’s always more successful, there’s always more people, the stage is bigger and the hype is really huge. It’s going really well so far, and I hope for more good things very soon.

ChuChuz: We went to Germany last year to represent Oceania and the stage we have for the OPL finals is nearly exactly the same as what it was at Gamescom, considered one of the biggest events for League of Legends. When I saw the stage here, I was really impressed, relating it to that scale – it was quite amazing to see that it’s grown to the scale it has.

Jayden: Where do you see Legacy going after these finals and over the next year or so?

Carbon: The vision I have for Legacy is that we’re trying to establish a really strong base – we started from one team and we’ve stayed that one team for a little longer than most of the other major esports organisations in Australia who’ve tried to aggressively expand, and we have almost the opposite approach. I would however really like to see us expand, we added a second team this year which was really good for us, and over the next few years I’d like to see that expansion continue into other teams, games and as a brand as oppose to just being a League of Legends team.

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