Australian esports organisation LG Dire Wolves has announced that they’ve partnered up with MWAVE – an online IT store to power their gaming PCs and hardware equipment. LG Dire Wolves who are the reigning champions in the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League or OPL have finished week nine on top of the ladder.

Nathan Mott, the Founder & CEO of the LG Dire Wolves has said:

“PC’s and peripherals are the tools of trade in the esports world, so partnering up with Australia’s leading online tech store was an obvious decision. Mwave’s support will provide the LG Dire Wolves with the equipment to compete at a world class level and we look forward to working closely with their team on some exciting upcoming projects.”

Head of Marketing from MWAVE, Andrew Wang has also said the following in regards to the partnership:

“We’re excited to be partnering up with the LG Dire Wolves organisation powering their gaming PC. As one of the most proactive organisation on and off the rift, we are eager to work with them on future projects within the growing local esports space.”

MWAVE has worked in the local esports since 2009 providing support and assistance to several teams and major events such as IEM Sydney, Crowne Casino Invitational, CyberGamer and many more. LG Dire Wolves has revealed they’ll be working closely together on future projects together with MWAVE. They have also launched the MWAVE Apex ‘Dire Wolves’ Edition Gaming PC which the players will be using. You can follow the LG Dire Wolves here for the latest updates and more news.

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