LG Dire Wolves brings back the ‘King’ and adds ‘Destiny’ to their 2017 roster

Oceanic Pro League team, LG Dire Wolves has announced two players for their 2017 roster. Original founding member of LG Dire Wolves – Calvin “k1ng” Truong has returned to the team to fill the ADC gap after the retirement of Derek “Raydere” Trang.

“My return to LG Dire Wolves is unexpected but I feel as if it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. The opportunity given to me will make me a better player than ever and I have absolute belief in my teammates to win, old and new. LG Dire Wolves have the resources to mould us into a world class team.” mentioned by Calvin k1ng” Truong on the blog post.

LG Dire Wolves has also revealed that Mitchell “Destiny” Shaw will be joining their 2017 line-up. Destiny will be tackling the Support role as well being the new team captain and leader.

Here’s Mitchell “Destiny” Shaw statement:

“After Riot Games announced the OPL would be on LAN in 2017, it was an eye-opener, reigniting my passion to return as a player. Previously coaching the LG Dire Wolves in Split 2 of 2016, I wanted to continue my journey with the Wolfpack, bringing my absolute confidence of being the first Oceanic team to make the World Championship. The support structures in place will shape us into better players both inside and outside the game and I believe we’ll indefinitely mark ourselves at the top.”


Current LG Dire Wolves 2017 Line-Up:

Calvin “k1ng” Truong – AD Carry
Mitchell “Destiny” Shaw – Support

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