Ubisoft has confirmed that local Australian Servers Confirmed for Rainbow Six Siege. Using Microsoft Azure datacentres located in Australia, Rainbow Six Siege will provide an optimal gaming experience online.

“Local servers have been a priority from day one.” said Edward Fong- Ubisoft Australia MD. “It is essential that Australian gamers get to experience the same online environment as players across the globe.”

Toby Bowers from Microsoft Australia’s Cloud & Enterprise has also said “Ubisoft’s use of Microsoft Azure datacentres in Australia demonstrates Azure’s cross-platform capabilities and is great news for the gaming community who will enjoy the benefits of a locally hosted environment and support”

This is great news for a title that requires precision and quick response. With the closed beta around the corner, participants will get to try out the new datacenters which will be up and running on September 25th.  Secure a beta code here or via pre-ordering.

Rainbow Six Siege breaks down doors on December 1st 2015 after being delayed due to improvements and adjustments to the final game.