We’re at the end of the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League split 2 and the finals are all set. Tomorrow, Saturday 13th August, the rivalry between the region’s top two teams, Legacy and the Chiefs will be put to the test once again. The finals match up will be held in Brisbane this year, with fans flocking to the Courier Mail Piazza to witness the best of five to close out this year’s Oceanic League of Legends.

The winner of this series will advance to the International Wildcard Qualifier in Brazil, making it a huge opportunity for these teams to gain experience and hopefully victory on a world scale. After the Chiefs managed to take out split one finals against Legacy, they’ve got to be keen to take a win here and hopefully perform better overseas than Oceanic representatives have so far in 2016.

Both teams have had a strong showing throughout the split to earn them their places here. Legacy has the top spot on the OPL ladder after only two losses and nine wins over the season, with Chiefs trailing just behind at three losses and eight wins. Now that the Chiefs secured the number two spot from Direwolves, tying on the ladder, the whole season can be put behind them. This one finals series is all that stands between the two teams and victory.

Legacy arrive at the finals in quite a powerful position. After the acquisition of a gaming house at the start of the year the team has continually improved, delivering some intelligent and powerful plays through the split. Gone are the days of them being labelled the underdog team expected to come in second, instead they’re on top and primed to take a victory thanks, in part, to the skills of their core jungler Tim ‘Carbon’ Wendel. Coupled with great performances from the rest of the lineup like ChuChuZ and Tally, it’s sure to be a hard fight for their opposition.2016_opl_grand_final_chiefs_v_legacy-efzdvh2opqwoqykxom2_fct960x720x181.0_ct1024x768The Chiefs on the other hand are looking slightly weaker coming into this match up after replacing their AD Carry Derek ‘Raydere’ Trang with an old member of the Direwolves, Quin ‘Raes’ Korebrits. The team itself can likely pull together given their history, but having a new team member join this close to finals is never the easiest transition. Time will tell if they can hold their winning streak here against Legacy, but one thing’s for sure; the Chiefs aren’t going to be a pushover. They’ve won here before and are more than capable of doing it again.

You can watch the finals live from 5:30pm AEST on Saturday August 13th over on Twitch or for the first time via Fox Sports (both on TV and via their site). Tickets are still available for Hoyts run viewing parties right here, with the live finals venue at the Courier Mail Piazza sold out.