Mortal Kombat creator and twitter tease master Ed Boon has revealed much more about how Injustice 2 has evolved whilst showcasing the game GameSpot’s live E3 stream. When asked about the transforming armour shown in the games reveal trailers the Creative Director himself revealed that the game will have a loot system that will allow you to change the gear on your characters.

The gear you acquire wont only allow customise your favourite DC fighter’s visual aesthetic, but alter their in game stats as well. Boon summed up the new system, describing it as “costume pieces that actually power up your character.” He also revealed that certain moves will be locked to certain pieces of Armour, so it will be interesting to see how this plays into the game competitive scene post launch. “When you finish a fight, we’re going to have these drops where basically the victory screen awards you with this gear, and you’re going to have the choice of equipping your character with that gear or not, there’s a moulding so to speak, as you keep getting gear you keep deciding if you want to use it and if you want to focus on offence or defence or enhance certain moves or unlock certain moves.”

Boon further explained the importance of the armour players can gain not just visually, but also for certain aspects of gameplay. The armour drops in game can be saved and stored away if you choose not to wear certain pieces right away, meaning if a certain challenge or character is giving you trouble in the damage department, you can go back and equip a set of armour with higher defence. “It really results in visually and gameplay-wise, it’s your Grodd, it’s your Superman, your Batman, your Aquaman, and that’s really the foundation on what we’re building our main gameplay on.”3080166-b1Boon was also asked if micro transactions were potentially a part of the new gear system, offering flashier gear for real world money. Boon replied with “You know honestly, we are just getting the system up and ready-we really haven’t had that discussion about micro transactions.” Boon quickly brushed over the question and didn’t immediately say no, leading many fans to believe it’s a possibility.

Boon went on to clarify more about how they were looking to make the game a “more level playing field” for its competitive scene. He also made a brief mention to ‘levelling’ characters aside from gearing them up. “You’re going to have a significantly more powerful version of Superman after you’ve been gearing him up and levelling him up, so we will obviously have something to level things out for tournaments and whatnot because you don’t want someone coming in with a level 50 Superman against a level 1 Batman,” he explained.first-injustice-2-gameplay-trailer-reveals-black-manta-gorilla-grodd-and-atrocitus-1014408Furthermore, when asked about selecting potential characters for the game Boon said there will be an even amount of heroes and villains and some characters “angry, I mean passionate, fans have been asking for.” Currently the mostly empty character selection screen has 28 slots, but NetherRealm are known to intentionally trick players before. Thankfully, they’ve guaranteed a bigger roster than the first game and will feature “a lot of new faces” in the lineup. Boon has also tweet out photos of Injustice 2 t-shirts that feature Harley Quinn’s hammer, Captain Cold’s Ice gun and Doctor Fates mask, seeming like clear additions to the roster.

Injustice 2 is slated for a mid-2017 release on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.