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Lucy was a film I had a great interest in due to its sleek and somewhat sophisticated premise that was comparable to a movie I thoroughly enjoyed back in 2011 – Limitless. Going in expecting something like Limitless was a mistake however, as Lucy delves into a realm much different, afterwards leaving me both confused and pondering what I’d just watched for the last hour and a bit.

To begin with the positives, Lucy has an excellent premise. Like I mentioned above, its relation to Limitless from the various trailers released had me intrigued and hopeful that an idea within that style would form into something enjoyable, which turned out to be a bit of a half-and-half kind of deal. Playing with a specific kind of human psyche and the alterations of matter within time and space was interesting to see, and expanded upon Limitless’ (pardon the pun) limited scope, but it was how the story evolved that made me tentatively question if it was even a necessary film to make.


At its heart, Lucy is an action movie brittled with slight comedy. I actually went into the film expecting it to have no light-hearted moments but there were a surprising number of comedic elements sprinkled throughout and it was kind of disappointing due to the fact that I approached this film seriously and was hoping to get a more extensive look into the plot, but as I mentioned above, it was more or less an action movie riddled with guns, Scarlett Johannson running from place to place and people chasing after her. It doesn’t get more complicated than that in an action perspective.

Perhaps the most jarring part about Lucy is the way its structurally set up. Director and Writer Luc Besson seems to have wanted to question how far the brain can operate when its operating at a higher percentage than the ‘human average’ of 10% and what it can do, but when the movie starts progressing towards the 100% mark things just become too weird and unconventional to follow. This is where I started to lose track of what I was watching, as it’s all fine and well to be able to hear peoples calls from a distance, move objects at your will and levitate other human beings, but traveling through time and changing the very beginning of life is something that I don’t think should have been tampered with. It blatantly started springing plot holes everywhere and I was more focused on trying to adjust to the jarring editing rather than what was happening and what Lucy was doing.

Speaking of plot holes, the movie is littered with them. I’m not one to really mind plot holes in films as long as the story is enjoyable and is logical (unless its sci-fi, which this kind of is), but there were various instances where I thought “why isn’t that guy arresting them” and so on and so forth and that detracted from the believability of what was happening. I suppose this is a common factor in action films, but the lack of effort to even cover up blatant plot holes scattering right in front of my eyes detracted a lot from my overall experience of attempting to enjoy the film.


Besides Johannson and the ever wonderful Morgan Freeman, the rest of the cast didn’t seem to fit their roles very well either, and I especially took a strong distaste to the secondary-come-main character who’s a Police sergeant that has around 25 minutes of screen time. It just didn’t feel right whatsoever.

Interesting premise aside, Lucy is a film that I wouldn’t recommend to many friends. It feels like it gets caught up in an attempt to create something new and exciting but forgets to portray a story that’s enjoyable to watch. Johansson and Freeman were good in their respective roles, but other than that there’s really nothing here to talk positively about. It’s disappointing, as I was really looking forward to this movie.


Lucy is a film that had a lot of promise but fails to deliver on all fronts. If you’re looking for something enjoyable with a similar premise and much better execution, I’d highly recommend Limitless.

Lucy Review
Johansson and Freeman are good
Editing is jarringStory is littered with plot holesCharacters aren’t strongFalls well into the cliche of a cheesy action film
50%Overall Score