Roam Esports has announced the signing of Brandon ‘Mash’ Phan to the MAMMOTH League of Legends roster for OPL Split Two. The former North American Echo Fox player will be joining the recently acquired roster that formerly played under the SIN Gaming brand till the end of OPL 2018 Split One season.

Mash is a North American LCS veteran who has competed professionally since 2011. Known for this ADC career for Pheonix1 in 2016, Echo Fox in 2017 and his 16.6 KDA in NA’s 2015 Challenger Summer Split.

Mash had this to say in regards to the signing:

“I spent some time weighing out my options after my Bootcamp in Korea, and I was contacted by Ahilleas (Louis) from MAMMOTH. After speaking with Ahilleas & MAMMOTH, I’ve made the decision to join them for Oceanic Pro League in Split 2 of 2018. The transition has been comfortable and smooth and I’m excited to travel to Australia to meet my new team”

Ahilleas Papantos, Director of ROAM Esports and General Manager of MAMMOTH has said:

“Myself and the whole team included cannot wait for Mash to arrive in the OPL. Everyone in MAMMOTH has been a long-term fan of his, and we’re all incredibly excited to see what he’ll be able to achieve in his new MAMMOTH jersey.”

This isn’t the first time ROAM Esports has imported NA professional players with Flaresz (previously Team Dragon Knights)  & Dhokla (Currently Team OpTic) to the OPL.

The League of Legends OPL Split Two season kicks off Friday, June 8th as MAMMOTH takes on the BOMBERS from 5PM AEST.