As many have read on Bioware’s forums and blogs, it is official that Mass Effect 3 is the end of Shepard’s trilogy. Many fans were confused by one of the many endings from ME3 even though it was controversial at most. Seeing a partial Shepard in rubble gasping back to life, hinting that there might be more adventures with Shepard and the crew of the Normandy.

Unfortunately and sadly, it is the last DLC to be released for Mass Effect 3 but will it leave fans angry at another wasteful DLC or nostalgically sad that this is farewell to one of the best sci-fi RPG games ever to be made?

Anytime during the single campaign, you can gain access to the Citadel DLC mission before raiding the Illusive Man’s headquarters. You receive a personal message from Admiral Hackett to get some shore leave and for the Normandy to get some repairs. Upon arrival at the Citadel, you get the choice to choose to start the mission by going up to the apartments which is given to you by Anderson.

The flow of the actual mission is quite fast paced and exciting, when a conspiracy is set in motion against you once you decide to go and have sushi with yours truly, Joker. As usual, it doesn’t get boring with a new set of enemies trying to waste you at any given moment. Although adding to the gun action, your allies join the fray in probably one of the most memorable moments. Nostalgia sets in when you see characters from the previous games come running to your aid and bicker amongst one another during a firefight.

Conspiracy, a casino to gamble, an arcade to win random assortment of items that range from weapon mods to apartment items and a combat simulator to test your skills against a variety of enemies. The Citadel DLC is crammed pack with lots of activities to do and ending it with a bang with all your allies that you have gathered throughout the series. Having the last final moments and memorable conversations with your squadmates as you throw a party either partying up or down.

Bioware has done a fantastic job at making the last ever DLC for Mass Effect 3 that will leave all fans satisfied and sad that this will forever mark the end of the Shepard Trilogy and all fan favourite characters will be missed. Keeping it brief and no spoilers, jump online and download the DLC which is available now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.