From competing in low division one Australian team to then joining “the boys” and completely dominating local Counter-Strike; Ollie “DickStacy” Tierney isn’t your average guy. Being noticed by some of the best players in the world for a player from this region is something unheard of, but Ollie has somehow accomplished this by not only having arguably the best (or worst) gamertag in the scene and also being one of the funniest personalities on screen. I sat down with Ollie to learn more about who he is, where he has come from and what’s behind the world renown “thick and pumped” DickStacy gamertag.

I started off my interview with Ollie, by asking a range of Counter-Strike related questions before moving into some more in depth questions. Opening with; What attracted you to Counter-Strike and when did you decide you wanted to make a career out of it?

“A friend recommended it at the start of 2015, when I got a laptop for University. I just played casually for awhile and instantly loved it. Deciding to make a career out of it only crossed my mind after making a few overseas trips with Grayhound Gaming and seeing how fast the scene had developed over the past year. I just thought to myself ‘Shit, this is a good life, let’s how far we can take it.”

As stated in my opening paragraph, Ollie did start off in lower tier division one teams before he truly made a name for himself, so I asked; You started off in division one with teams like Dark Sided and Athletico, but you’ve now found yourself in arguably the best team in the country; how did you make this transition and how does it feel to be on top?

“Although I love the other guys; to come into a team like Grayhound, with the amount of experience and knowledge they have, progressed my knowledge tenfold. The transition was as smooth as my girlfriends biceps. Coming in as the less experienced and skilled player all I had to do was shut up, learn and develop. Everyone mesh’s well inside and outside of the game. It feels damn good to be on top, but if you don’t continue to focus, your stay at the top won’t be for long at all. Top 4 is highly competitive and continuing to progress.

Ollie is definitely a character. I then decided to move onto his mental game, as its something I like to focus on when it comes to professional players, which then lead to my question; Being the best team in the region right now, must come with a lot of perks, but also a lot of stress. How do you deal with having to be on the top of your game everyday of the week?

“It’s not necessarily a stress thing. It’s more there is quite a lack of scrims and consistent scrims in our scene, so it can be hard to remain on your game. Developing the theory side of our game and ensuring the fundamentals are drilled into our heads is a big part to remaining consistent. Without a coach though, it is hard to self evaluate ourselves and even though you are winning rounds, we can be blinded by certain micro details that aren’t making round wins as clean as they should be or having the potential to completely screw one up.”

Despite Ollie’s “joking around” personality, he definitely has a professional side of him when it comes to playing the beautiful game of Counter-Strike. Which then lead to my question about his how the team prepare for overseas matches; What kind of approach is needed when attending overseas events; when all you have to practise against on your average day, is Australian teams?

“It is common knowledge that these teams are on another level compared to teams we consistently play. You need to structure a game plan around your strengths and counter strat certain elements of their game. Although you cannot look to deeply into counterstratting, as these teams will not play their usual game if they can get away with winning just no respecting and out aiming you. You have to remain composed and shut them down early and react accordingly.”

With that being said, I then decided to ask him about his upcoming match against the best team in the world… Astralis; How are you preparing for your opening match at Dreamhack against Astralis; do you feel confident that you have a chance of getting out of your group?

“We’ve been scrimming against spinbotters to prepare ourselves for Astralis, but when we have Gratisfaction, we should be right. Yes there is always a good chance for us getting out of groups, despite our Mongolian brother being locked at home.”

To close out the interview I then decided to stray away from in-game focused questions, to focus more on the personal side of things of Ollie, by opening with; For you personally, you have gained almost 7000 followers in the past four months; what’s it like to be noticed by both European and North American pro players?

“It is surreal; to be developing and performing in the scene we love and getting noticed as a team from legends like GeT_RiGhT, Sean Gares, and Niko, it’s a feel good feeling. It gives me more motivation to improve and constantly perform. Also having a strong personal following, a dick army I want to make proud.”

With Ollie currently being on top of his game both locally and internationally, I then asked; What is your overall goal as a player not only in this region, but worldwide?

“My goal is to be good enough to get a Superstitum video made of me.”

I don’t think I could respect a man’s drive more after hearing an answer like that. We here at Respawn Ninja wish you all the best with your goal, Ollie. But I thought I’d give it a shot and see where the road would lead me by asking; If you found yourself retiring in the next few years from professional play, where would you go. Would you attempt to stay around in the counter-strike scene or move on to something new?

“If I were to retire, I would probably get into nutrition and educate the world on body weight and health. Porn is also there as an option.”  

With that being said, I decided I should ask my final question; I’m sure everyone knows the avenue which your gamertag took to get where it is today; but what would you call yourself if it wasn’t DickStacy?

“I’d probably name myself Ollie or Chocolate Cocktapus”

Despite being one of the best players in the country and being constantly on top of his game, Chocolate Cocktapus has a perfect witness to go with his profile as a player and it just makes his personal branding so perfect to the viewers. Stay up to date with Ollie via his Twitter or otherwise keep up to date with what his team is up to via the Grayhound Gaming Twitter throughout the upcoming Dreamhack next week.

Photo Credit: HLTV