In a future where the authorites are watching your every step, how does one commit murder without getting seen? Metrocide is a new title by Sydney developer Flat Earth Games which tasks you with the most difficult job of killing people.

I never had the chance to play Flat Earth Games previous title Towncraft as it was only released on iOS but thankfully their upcoming not family friendly game will be coming to PC. Metrocide is set in a futuristic cyberpunk inspired city littered with cop drones and gang members everywhere. Thrown into the boots of contract killer T.J Trench, your mission is quite straightforward, complete as many contract kills as you can without getting killed yourself.

Presented in a top down view (which instantly reminded me of the original Grand Theft Auto) T.J must navigate through the surveillance city of Metrocity to complete his tasks – to kill obviously. It seems simple at first: get a contract and kill the target but in this city… nothing is simple. Police drones hover over the landscape and there seems to be a surveillance camera installed on every corner, so your simple task of neutralizing a target is quite demanding.


What makes this game even more challenging is the perma-death setup. Make one wrong move, miss your shot etc – you’re dead and have to restart from the beginning. Picking up easier contracts at the start will allow you to build up some cash but the more difficult contracts offer more reward, so there’s some risk in decisions. Money will gain you access to better weapons such as the shotgun, rifle and EMP.

When I first started playing the preview copy of Metrocide, I was going in all guns-blazing but I soon realised the game requires plenty of patience and timing. Making sure drones don’t hover across the skies as you attempt your kill and making sure you dump the body. Other citizens can spot you so make sure you deal with them appropriately if you have to. There’s lots of things to watch out for and the challenge keeps bringing me back.

Just like FTL’s permadeath style gameplay – Metrocide looks to be one of those titles you don’t play for hours straight but mostly come back each time to beat the high score. There’s some improvements which I feel the game needs like a more distinctive HUD and possibly better citizen AI – sometimes I see them just huddling into a single pixel with the target (oh boy), but overall I enjoyed it.

If you love some stealthy cyberpunk action with bastard drone cops and the whole ‘think before you shoot ‘ scenarios – keep an eye on Metrocide, coming to PC and MAC sometime this August. We would like to thank Flat Earth Games for providing us a preview of Metrocide.