During the EB Expo 2013, we sat down with Corentin who is the community manager for the upcoming free to play PC title ‘Mighty Quest for Epic Loot’ thanks to Ubisoft Australia. We had a commentated playthrough with him before we jumped into some questions. Read our Hands-On preview here.

GamersPadWe never really heard about Mighty Quest, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Corentin – So it’s an awesome game first of all! Basically the principle is to attack other player’s castle they create. They build structures, monsters and traps. You basically want to reach the end of the castle to steal their resource. And they’re gonna try and do the same to you. Whatever you stole from them, you are going to make your castle harder to attack. That’s pretty much the principle of the game.

GamersPadWhen I first looked at it, it looked more of a game about bragging rights.

Corentin – Yeah there’s a lot of that as well. The world is about building your castle – the rich attacking to get richer. That’s the whole part of it.

GamersPadIt’s a very interesting concept – how did the idea began?

Corentin – Basically, they wanted to have a bit of fun with the hack n slash formula. They don’t want the usual saving the world from demons whatever. We just wanted some dude attacking another dudes castle. It sounded like a fun idea so we went with it.


GamersPadTalking about the customization – is there going to be any character customization?

Corentin – For the moment, we don’t have anything involving that but it is coming. I can’t really talk about it cause we haven’t revealed it yet but we are looking into that because players like that sort of stuff. We are looking into all kinds of customization.

GamersPadThe whole setup is pretty much a hack n slash and castle defender, was the whole setup meant to be minimal?

Corentin – Well what I can tell you is that apart from being just a hack n slash title, it actually has a lot of depth. With me for an example, for a month or two, I was putting all my traps in wrong positions in the castle so I had to move them all around because everyone was slipping through. There’s different strategies and depth to look into this game.


GamersPadIs there a level cap system to the game?

Corentin – There’s 30 levels for the character and about 32 levels for the castle.

GamersPad … so things get progressively harder?

Corentin – ..yes it does.

GamersPadSo with the point system, how does it work with the level cap system? Does it reduce the limit of items you can place in your castle or does it go up?

Corentin – Well as you upgrade the castle, the amount of points you can spend goes up so you can make your castle even harder.

GamersPad .. can you purchase more?

Corentin – No we don’t do any purchases for upgrades with real money. We don’t believe in the Pay to Win concept. The only things you can buy with real money is to skip time when doing upgrades and mostly cosmetic stuffs.

GamersPadSo Mighty Quest is not open to public yet? Is there some sort of a release date or window?

Corentin – Currently we are in Closed Beta but Open Beta will be around towards the end of this year (well that’s what we’re aiming for) We don’t have a current release date for it yet.

You can register for the Beta here. Thanks to Corentin and Ubisoft Australia for organising the hands-on and interview.