Returning after a hiatus, the MPGL or Mineski Pro-Gaming League will be coming back this June and will feature an Australian qualifier. Originally created to grow and develop Filipino DOTA players for the world stage, the championship will eleven countries including the addition of Australia!

“As the competitive Dota scene continues to evolve around Valve’s Pro Circuit, it has been necessary for MET to recalibrate the MPGL to make sure it remains relevant to our community here in Southeast Asia.

“This new MPGL is designed to do just that, with our focus now in enabling players here in Asia to better compete with what the rest of the world has to offer through a program designed to consistently and continuously facilitate their growth as players, from the local qualifiers, to the National Leagues, all the way up to the MPGL Asia Championship”

Teaming up with 1UP Entertainment, teams can now register for the Dota 2 Australian qualifier. Registration closes 26th April. Details for the qualifiers are available on the 1UP Entertainment page here.