Last night, Riot Games Oceania has issued out a competitive ruling against three players on Team Regicide’s Oceanic Challenger Series roster. Players Yuekai ‘Cyk’ Chan, Thomas ‘LeeSa’ Ma, and Bill ‘Eyla’ Nguyen were caught of boosting accounts on several instances. It was also revealed that Yuekai ‘Cyk’ Chan has been involved with selling accounts.

Both Thomas ‘LeeSa’ Ma and Bill ‘Eyla’ Nguyen have been banned from competitive League of Legends from the rest of the 2017 season. Due to the severity of Yuekai ‘Cyk’ Chan activities, the player has been banned till Split Two 2018.

This morning, I’ve reached out to Team Regicide owner ‘Emperor’ about the competitive ruling:

“We are not upset over the bans and we believe that if proven guilty then by all means they deserve the bans. We’re looking at the bigger picture of getting a roster again. We are not down and out yet.”

Team Regicide’s coach has also released a personal statement on Reddit which you can check out here highlighting his personal experience with the situation.

Team Regicide are still eligible to compete in the OCS grand finals and have 24 hours before the match to submit a roster. Earlier in the season, a total of 16 OCS players from 6 teams were banned from competition. You can read the full post about Team Regicides competitive ruling from Riot Games in detail here.